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Current Plantings and Production

Plantings (from USDA Prospective Plantings, published every March for the previous year. For complete text of report click here. )

Annual Summary: Acreage, Harvested, Yield and Production. (from USDA Crop Production Summary, published every January for the previous year. For the complete report with all crops click here.) For detailed information for the major producing states, go to our Statistical Tables page.

Oil Crops Yearbook. This annual report examines world and U.S. production, consumption, trade, stocks, and prices for oil crops. This is a supplement to Oil Crops Outlook.

Appendix Table 27. Flaxseed: Acreage planted, harvested, yield, production, and value in the U.S.

Appendix Table 28. Flaxseed: Supply, disappearance, and price in the U.S.


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