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This folder is intended to serve as a reference manual with brief discussions of a variety of legal concepts or topics.
Adverse Possession
This web page provides a brief overview of the legal concepts of adverse possession and prescription.
Basic Legal Principles
The U.S. legal system has several fundamental principles that may not always be apparent, but they serve as the foundation for some aspects of the law.
Common Law
The purpose of this web page is to introduce the concept of "common law"; that is, the legal principles that emerge over time from the legal decisions and interpretations rendered by U.S. courts.
Comparative Negligence
Comparative negligence is the legal (tort) concept for allocating liability for loss among those who caused the loss.
Conversion is the tort wherein the plaintiff claims the defendant has taken control of (stolen) the plaintiff's property.
Criminal Action and Civil Action
The U.S. legal system recognizes two fundamental types of court cases: civil suits are used to resolve disputes between individuals usually with a cash payment from one to the other; criminal cases are used by government (society) to determine whether a person has committed a crime for which the person needs to be punished (e.g., fined or imprisoned).
Endangered Species
Fee Simple Determinable
Merger of Property Interests
Quiet Title Action
Quiet title action is a court proceeding, initiated by someone claiming an ownership interest in land, in which all persons claiming an interest in the land must prove to the court that they are the rightful owner of that legal interest. After receiving all the evidence of the persons claiming ownership interest, the court decides who holds which ownership interests.
Regulation as a Taking
Section Lines in North Dakota
U.S. Government, Overview of
U.S. government is organized as three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. This page provides an overview of the structure of U.S. government by introducing the role of each branch of government and their interrelations.
Wilderness Act
This page offers excerpts from a court case to illustrate the scope and an application of the Wilderness Act.
Intangible Property
Intestate Succession
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