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Strategic/Business Planning

This folder contains pages which suggest and discuss steps for strategic planning or business planning.
Step 1: Business Inventory
Business Planning -- Business Inventory: Inventorying Resources and Describing the Current Business
Step 2: Owners' Interests and Skills
Business Planning -- Owners' Interests and Skills
Step 3: Business Environment
Business Planning -- Business Environment
Step 4: Personal and Business Goals
Business Planning -- Setting Personal and Business Goals
Step 5: Test Current Operation
Business Planning -- Testing the Current Operation
Step 6: Alternatives
Business Planning -- Identifying and Testing Alternatives
Step 7: Implementing Alternative
Business Planning -- Developing and Testing Transitional Plans
Step 8: Managing Uncertainty
Business Planning -- Managing Constraints
Step 9: Monitor and Control
Business Planning -- Monitoring and Controlling the Business
Step 10: Document, Share and Revise
Business Planning - Documenting, Sharing, and Revising
Enterprise Analysis
Enterprise Budget and Analysis
Functional Plans
Managers need a clear understanding of how they are currently operating the business. This understanding of how the business is currently functioning can be clarified, shared and refined (tactical planning?) through documentation.
Profitability of an Alternative
Testing the Profitability of Making a Change (partial budget analysis)
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