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Finance Topics for Young Professionals

This folder discusses several finance topics that most people encounter. The discussion focuses on topics that young professionals are likely to encounter as they begin their careers.
Overall Thoughts
Earning and Spending Income
We strive to earn income so we can use the resources to meet our needs and dreams. This page introduces basic thoughts on earning and spending income.
Taxes on Income
Taxes are a certainty. This page introduces several fundamental tax concepts.
There will be times when we need or want to spend or invest more cash than we have at the moment. However, many of us have the financial capability to borrow at this time knowing we will repay the loan at a later time. This page introduces basic concepts related to borrowing.
Saving & Investing
As we progress through our careers, we will reach a time when our income exceeds our expenses and we have an opportunity to accumulate cash and invest. This page introduces several fundamental concepts about saving and investing.
Risk Management
Estate Plan
Property and Marriage
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