Agriculture Law and Management


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Introduction to Ag Management

This page introduces farm and agribusiness management.


The title of these materials indicates that the focus of these pages is on managing or decision making in agriculture.  The goal is to understand how economic, financial, and managerial concepts can be applied when making decisions.  With this goal, there also needs to be a focus on understanding agriculture; not the detailed natural and physical sciences of plants, animals, food, energy and other items, but a broader understanding of the role and direction of agriculture.  And not just U.S. agriculture, but global agriculture.

The discussion throughout the materials integrates a variety of topics, thus a discussion of an economic concept may be followed by a managerial topic, which is then followed with a discussion of an agricultural subject.  Be ready not only to change focus, but to integrate a variety of topics.

An underlying assumption is that a majority of readers has been introduced to most of these topics in previous studies or experiences, such as demand and supply in an economics course, and revenue and costs in an accounting course.  The challenge in these materials is to recognize how decision makers combine and apply these concepts in their analysis to accomplish their task, that is, to make a decision.  The topics along the left edge of this site illustrates the range of topics agricultural managers need to understand, integrate, synthesize and apply.

A review of economic resources is the first step in this course of study.

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