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Sharing Holiday Memories

The holidays are a special time for us to come together as families to re-connect, enjoy each other’s company and reflect on many good memories of the past. For older family members, it is especially important for them to have the opportunity to reminisce about earlier memories of holidays or family times that brought them joy and contentment.

.  I recently read a blog from Senior Care Corner titled Seniors’ Holiday Movie Memories – Our Top Picks for Family Reminiscing.  It emphasized how many seniors are faced with losses – loss of spouse, friends, traditions, health, and independence, which can cause challenges for bringing back the special memories of holidays.  Sharing visual memories through movies can help seniors remember aspects of their lives when they first saw certain movies.  Check out the link below for the blogger’s top five holiday movies for sharing memories with your older family members (at the end of the blog you will find additional reading on reminiscing and holiday visits to seniors):

            Just this week there was an article in The Forum, about the research by Dr. Clay Routledge, Psychology Professor at North Dakota State University, on the mental health benefits of nostalgia.  Dr. Routledge’s research has shown that nostalgia is good for both psychological health and social health and people can intentionally evoke nostalgia by revisiting old memories.  One example of this trend is “Throwback Thursday” which involves people posting old pictures on social media sites such as Facebook. The article suggests holidays are especially nostalgic because they are about tradition and repeated experiences.  Holidays are an opportunity to relive past experiences and share them with new generations.   Read the story at

            I would be happy to hear how you and your family share holiday memories.   Contact me at

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