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Caregivers are spouses, partners, adult children, family members, neighbors and friends. Caregivers provide a range of tasks, such as transportation, personal care, managing finances, grocery shopping and much more.


Helpful Resources for Family Caregivers (FS689)
One of the most important aspects of managing life as a family caregiver is accessing useful resources that can provide needed knowledge and skills.

Tips for Reducing Stress for Family Caregivers (FS688)
Caregiving provided to aging family members or others in need often is associated with stress and burnout. Although providing direct care to a family member or someone else can result in significant stress, remember that this experience can have positive benefits as well. Consider the rewards and challenges of the caregiving experience honestly.

Starting the Care Conversation (FS687)
Family members or friends may feel awkward or uncertain about having a conversation with you about providing care. They may worry about your feelings or be unsure of what you think. You can help them by starting the care conversation.

The Who and What of Family Caregiving (FS1930)
Family caregiving is an activity that occurs across many different settings. Individuals in need of care at particular times may include adult children with special needs, aging parents, a sick family member or a friend. People may need help with transportation to medical appointments, light chores around the home, payment of bills or personal care. No matter the person or the need, the who and the what of family caregiving clearly are important to understand.

Myths and Realities of Family Caregiving (FS686)
Understanding myths versus realities in family caregiving can be helpful. This publication explores different realities you can face with family caregiving.

Key Support Resources in Family Caregiving (FS1932)
Support and resources in the caregiving process come in many forms: prayer, talking to family or friends, visits with professionals or assistive equipment. One of the most important aspects of managing life as a caregiver is accessing useful resources that can provide needed knowledge, skills or assistance.

Planning for Care for You or a Loved One (FS1931)
The time to plan for the care needs of yourself, a family member or another you care about is before the person might need it. At the least, planning often can occur before the care needs become more significant. Planning for care involves strategies such as assessing the situation, discussing the big concerns and forming a support or caregiving team.



Family Caregiving: Tips and Tools for You and Your Loved Ones


Has Caring for a Loved One Become Stressful for You?

Caregiving is rewarding, but let’s face it: Caregiving also can be stressful — physically, emotionally and financially. Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a class designed to provide you, the family caregiver, with the skills you need to take care of yourself.

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