Agribusiness and Applied Economics


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Mandy KvaleMandy

    Why did you choose to major in Agricultural Economics at NDSU?

         I have always had a passion for agriculture, and choosing Agricultural Economics gave me the opportunity to follow my dream, which is to stay involved in agriculture. Ag Econ allows you to take a variety of classes and specialize in areas that you choose, instead of having one set path you must take. Ag Econ provides you many options for a future career. I minored in classes so I could be an Agronomist; instead my classroom experience in Ag Econ gave me the opportunity to begin a career as an Ag Loan Officer.

Would you recommend this major to someone else? If so, why?

        Absolutely,  Agricultural Economics not only gives you the general course work you need to graduate, but it  also allows you to choose the areas in which you would like to specialize in.   

What did you like best about your major at NDSU in the college of Agribusiness and Applied Economics?

        I enjoyed the hands on work in the classroom and the opportunity to work with the community on case studies in which they brought in.



Alex Chaput


Why did you choose to major in Agricultural Economics at NDSU?

         I chose to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics at NDSU because I knew that NDSU’s knowledge base in agriculture was immense and that the connections to the Agribusiness world I would make through NDSU would be a major stepping stone into the workplace.  I would recommend majoring in NDSU’s Agricultural Economics program because it’s the perfect guide to opening up a wide range of career paths thus completely eliminating the stress of not knowing exactly what aspect of the agricultural sector you want to be in.  The faculty and staff in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources are so welcoming and helpful that a smooth transition from high school to college just happens without you even knowing it.


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