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About Dr. Saleem Shaik

Dr. Saleem Shaik

Office: Barry Hall 400F

Phone: 701.231.7459

Fax: 701.231.7400

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Dr. Shaik's Research Profile

Dr. Saleem Shaik is an Associate Professor in Agribusiness and Applied Economics at North Dakota State University.  He received his PhD in Agricultural Economics from University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  His dissertation is titled “Environmentally adjusted productivity [EAP] measures for the Nebraska agriculture sector”.


AGEC 746 – Agricultural Finance

AGEC 739 – Analytical Methods for Applied Research

AGEC 346 – Applied Risk Analysis

AEC 8143 – Agricultural Production

Research Interests

Current research at NDUS revolves around applied policy analyses; and technology assessment, efficiency/productivity using quantitative analytical tools including econometrics, statistics and mathematical programming.  Saleem’s research is in the area of agriculture a) production b) finance and c) institutional (farm program and crop insurance) issues.

Saleem’s ND AES research involves two major projects helps to

1)      Evaluating changes in Efficiency and Productivity caused by Production risk; Financial risk and Policy risk using data constructed for North Dakota and 5 other Northern Great Plain states from 1936-2010. Specially, constructing output, input and total factor Ideal Fisher productivity indexes apart from financial index, public research and development stock index, farm program/crop insurance index and climate index.

2)      Develop efficiency benchmarks using enterprise/farm level information of farm enrolled in North Dakota Farm and Ranch Business Management Association (NDFRBM) from 1993-2012. The project involves interacting with educational instructors of NDFRBM in developing efficiency benchmarks. This collaborative effort clearly demonstrates interaction between research, NDFRBM instructors and North Dakota farmers. Shaik is in the process of developing production risk, financial risk and institutional risk adjusted efficiency benchmarks for the NDFRBM instructors to be shared with the producers. These measures are useful not only to producers but also extension agents, agricultural bankers, and public policy makers.

Prior to coming to NDSU, Saleem was involved in the Assessment & Implementability of Income Protection on U.S. nation-wide basis; Cross-validation of historical, loss and policies databases for U.S.; Insurance rates review for all the U.S cotton states, and development of statistical and econometric computer programs to address fraud in Federal Crop Insurance program at Montana State University.

Development of potential insurance policy designs for U.S. aquaculture industry; Development and pre-testing of Aquaculture Risk Management Survey by working with industry groups, farmers, aquaculture, veterinary and extension scientists; worked with Office of Management and Budget, for submission and approval process of Aquaculture Survey Instrument; Development of aquaculture database related to their production, losses and characteristics of aquaculture producers in US at Mississippi State University working with “National Risk Management Feasibility Program for Aquaculture.”


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Shaik, Saleem. “Does Crop Insurance Affect the Technical Efficiency? A Panel DEA Analysis”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics (

Shaik, Saleem. “Re-examination of production, cost, and restricted profit functions using quantile regression approach”, Agricultural Economics (

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Shaik, Saleem, Keith Coble, Thomas O. Knight, Alan E. Baquet, and George F.Patrick, “Crop Revenue and Yield Insurance Demand: A Subjective Probability Approach” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 40, 3 (December 2008): 757-766. (

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Book Chapters

Shaik, Saleem and A. K. Mishra. “Alternative Panel Estimators of Panel Gamma Simulated Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Model: Implications of Agriculture financial Ratios on Efficiency and Productivity.” Advances in Econometrics, Volume 26 (2010): 299-322.

Shaik, Saleem, B.J. Barnett, K.H. Coble, J.C. Miller, and T. Hanson. “Insurability Conditions and Livestock Disease Insurance” in Livestock Insurance Products International Conference and Forum: Discovery of Ideas and Issues. Koontz S.R. and D.L. Hoag, eds., pp. 53-67. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK, 2006.


Professional Accomplishments

·  Chair of selected paper process for the annual South American Agricultural Economic Association (AAEA) meetings, 2013 and 2014.

·  Member of executive council for WAEA, 2010 and 2012.

·  Chair of selected paper process for the annual American Agricultural Economic Association (AAEA) meetings, 2007 and 2006

·  J. B. Hassler Outstanding Researcher Award, 1999



PhD (Agricultural Economics), University of Nebraska, Lincoln
MS/BS (Agricultural Economics), APAU, INDIA
St John’s Church High School, INDIA

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