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Pocket Video Project

Notes from "Pocket Video: Small Cameras, Big Impact" presented June 13, 2011 at ACE/NETC 2011 Conference (
  • VIDEO: “Cow Having a Calf,”
  • Bob tells the story of the Pocket Video Project
    • This video was created using a pocket video camera (pull out Flip Camera and show audience). The portability, usability and immediacy of pocket video cameras can enable Extension educators to capture this kind of video on the spur of the moment in high-definition.
    • We wondered if putting these kinds of cameras in the hands of Extension educators would increase their use of online video as an educational tool.
    • To find out we started the Pocket Video Project. We’ll talk about the results and the broader impact of the project in a few minutes. First, here’s an overview of the project.
  • Asked NDSU Extension Director to buy 10 Flip Ultra HD cameras: one for project director (me) and 9 for project participants
    • About $190/each (at that time. They have come down in price since.)
    • HD not SD
    • Rechargeable battery that can be replaced by 2 AAs
    • Sturdy and durable
    • Easy to operate
  • Ended up with 16 project participants, 7 purchased cameras with department or grant funds
  • Wanted to train on using the cameras, editing video with the included FlipShare software and posting videos to YouTube
  • VIDEO: “NDSU Extension Pocket Video Project Flip Ultra HD Intro,”
  • VIDEO: “FlipShare – Simple Editing,”
  • But this kind of hardware and software training did not prepare participants to shoot quality video
  • VIDEO: “Community Kitchen in Sioux County,”
  • This video could have been improved just by turning on the lights. But although some of the videos from the project were not of the highest quality, they did demonstrate the potential for using online video as an educational tool to Agriculture Communications staff, NDSU Extension administrators and to the educators themselves.
  • Bruce tells the story of how pocket video affected Video Services
    • Administration shows interest
    • Video Services department adjusts fees and services
    • Example project created
    • VIDEO: "Fungicides For Fusarium Head Blight,"
    • Garbage In = Garbage Out. Needed to improve video quality
    • VIDEO: "How To Capture Quality Video,"
  • Bob talks about the results of the Pocket Video Project
    • 7 of the 16 participants have completed educational videos that make use of video recorded with their pocket video cameras.
    • At the end of the project, all participants indicated a positive or very positive opinion of the use of online video in Extension education.
    • Some of the comments included:
      • “It was so very easy to use. The only downside was the lack of audio control, but I got used to it.”
      • “Editing eats time and a major deterrant (sic) to posting videos online.”
      • “The only way to really improve this would be for me to have more time to spend on it.”
    • Judged by the direct results, the Pocket Video Project was not a major success. However the introduction of pocket video cameras impacted our organization in other ways.
  • Bob and Bruce talk about the impact of pocket video
    • The Pocket Video Project increased NDSU Extension’s focus on educational video
    • It sparked conversations about the role of Extension educators and Agriculture Communication in content creation
    • It resulted in administrative support for online educational video
    • It increased the number of online videos NDSU Extension Service produced
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