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Videoconferencing (IVN)

To Schedule a Videoconference Event

  • Decide on the sites and who will be hosting/facilitating the event. The host site typically facilitates the videoconference. The host also serves as a point of contact if a connectivity problem occurs.

  • Contact the site coordinator at each participating site to make sure the room is available and to reserve it. See the Ag Consortium sites map and site list with contacts.

  • A maximum of 12 sites can be connected to avoid technical difficulties.

  • Complete the scheduling form and send it to Elizabeth Cronin.

  • Be sure to submit correct site/room names. The site name is usually city then county. An IP # is helpful to confirm the location.

  • The event can be recorded, but let Elizabeth Cronin know this when submitting your scheduling form. There is a $30 charge for a one-time event and $50 for a recurring event. Include billing information on the form. After the event, an email will be sent to the site paying. The recording must be downloaded within 10 days. There is no link that remains available.
  • Once scheduled, the requester will receive a copy of the schedule as confirmation. 

  • If you experience technical problems during the videoconference, contact the help line at 1-6486 or 701-777-6486.

To Make Changes to an Event

Contact Elizabeth Cronin as soon as possible, preferably two business days prior to the event.

To Add a New Site

Allow at least three weeks to create, setup and test a new videoconference site. Contact Elizabeth Cronin.

Connecting to a Videoconference from Your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

Polycom RealPresence software is available for participants who cannot attend a meeting from a videoconference site. There are two RealPresence applications; RealPresence Desktop and RealPresence Mobile.

The RealPresence Desktop application is for a laptop or desktop computer and preferably if the participant needs both audio and video and has a computer with fast Internet connection available.

The RealPresence Mobile application is for a tablet or smartphone and is best used for a short meeting needing audio and video while you’re on the go.

To use either, you first must have an account. Submit the application to Elizabeth Cronin two weeks prior to your event. Your account will be good for one year. After your account is created, you'll receive installation instructions.

A few days prior to your event, test your equipment and contact Elizabeth Cronin or at 701-231-7881 for the videoconference reservation number. Dial 60 plus the reservation number to connect.

For help with configuration or testing, contact Daniel Erichsen or the help line at 7-6486 or 701-777-6486.

During the videoconference, do not share video if it's freezing or audio if it's breaking up.

Connecting to a Videoconference from Your Telephone

If someone is unable to participate at a site or by computer or smartphone but is available by phone, an audio connection can be added to the videoconference event.  

Elizabeth Cronin will need to know in advance to add the audio to the reservation.

With the audio connection scheduled, the participant will dial 701-328-1601. The passcode will be the reservation number followed by the # sign.

There is no fee to add audio lines. Up to 40 audio lines can be added to a videoconference. Contact Daniel Erichsen to arrange a test time.

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