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Writing for a Blog

Writing a post for a blog is a lot like writing any other content piece for the web. You should include keywords in your text, stick to one main point, use heading and subheadings to make your post scannable and include images for visual interest and sharing.

There is one critical difference, however. Most content written for your website is intended to be "stock content." Stock content is content that is archived and organized. Books, magazines and most web content are stock.

Blogs on the other hand are "flow content." Flow content is timely and engaging. It can be customized to a certain scenario. It's available anytime, anywhere, and encourages active participation through comments and sharing.

When taking a web article and re-using it as a blog post:

Connect the content to a real-time, real life scenario - Think (and possibly write) about why the reader should care about this post now. Why is the post timely? How can the post impact the reader's life?

Be present as the author - In most web content, the author is absent. In blog posts, you need to be present. Refer to your stories and experiences. Be real. Share some of yourself.

Include a call to action - Focus on what you want the reader to do, not just what you want them to learn.

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