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Why Are Keywords Important

In the past, keywords were a major factor in search results and rankings. Websites would include their keywords in a "meta" tag, a piece of information about the web page not usually displayed to users but readable by the machines that index the web. Businesses thought if they included the right keywords, whether they were related to their content or not, their site would rank at the top of search results and their web traffic would skyrocket.

For years, search engines have been wise to this strategy and most do not use the keywords "meta" tag in determing search result rankings.

So why should you worry about your keywords?

  1. Keywords can be included in your content, not just in "meta" tags. While most search engines ignore the keywords "meta" tag, they do not ignore your content. Including the right keywords in your content, title and summary can help your page in search results ranking.
  2. News aggregators look at keywords. News aggregation tools like Flipboard or Zite, bring users content from across the web based on keywords the user defines and/or the similarity between web content and the content the user has "liked."
  3. Keywords or "tags" are being used to build connections between similar content. Hashtags on Twitter and tags on other sites like Slideshare or Flickr provide a way to group content posted by different users on different accounts.

It's important to define and use keywords that users are actually using. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool will show you which keywords are being used in the most searches.

Using the Keyword Tool to Get Keyword Ideas

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