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Video Interviewing Tips

Tips on conducting video interviews for Extension education.
  1. Keep your goal and key message in mind. How do you want your interview subject to further your goal or communicate your message?
  2. Do your research. Make sure you know your interview subject and are prepared with the questions that will lead to the video you want to capture.
  3. Don't have your subject look directly at the camera. Stand or sit slightly to the left or right of the camera.Your subject will be more comfortable looking at you instead of the camera.
  4. Share your goal and key message with your interview subject. They will do a better job if they know what you want from them. In some cases, you may want to give them the questions in advance, or a general idea of what the questions will be.  But you don’t want them to have a rehearsed statement, you want it to sound conversational.  Also, avoid yes or no questions.  If they do answer yes or no, ask why.  Also, if you don’t get an answer that you like or think that will work for your video, try asking that same question, just in another way.
  5. Start with a topic your subject is comfortable talking about. Even if the topic is unrelated to the topic of the interview, your subject will get practice talking in front of the camera.
  6. Shoot some video of your subject in action, doing what they love. You can use this video in between your edited interview segments. Video is always better when it shows people doing, not just talking. Also, try to get good natural sound with your video.  That will help make the viewer feel like they are there.  You may also want to use natural sound to grab the viewers attention the beginning of a video or at other key moments.
  7. Take your time. Get to know your subject and get them relaxed before you jump into the interview.
  8. Take control. Be confident and steer the interview in the direction you need it to go.

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