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Tips for Video Scriptwriting

    • Draft key messages to cover in the video. A short video might have just one key message. If you have several key messages, consider a series of short videos rather than trying to cram lots of information into one.
    • Get your overall key message in early. Get to the point so your viewers will know what's coming and be motivated to watch the entire video.
    • Since you're writing for video, you must have good visuals to keep audience's attention, not just words. Draft your script in two columns with the left column being the audio and the right column being the video ideas.
    • Avoid long paragraphs of data. If you must include lots of facts or data, include tables, graphs, photos, videos or other images that will enhance the message and keep the viewer's attention.
    • Consider interviewing an expert who can add some flavor to the topic instead of only using one voice for narration throughout.
    • Start off with something to capture the audience's attention, even just music over a title slide is a good start. Those first few shots or first scene should be an attention grabber. Get people engaged from the beginning.
    • Use short sentences and simple language. Try to avoid using industry jargon.
    • Include "What's in it for me?" What will a viewer gain from watching this video?
    • Read your script out loud multiple times to make sure it flows verbally.
    • Have someone else review your script. What might make perfect sense to you may not be clear to someone else.
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