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Caring for the Equipment

  • Keep fingers clean.

  • Keep camera away from hot or damp areas. Don't put the camera in the glove compartment, trunk or dashboard. Remember that a digital camera relies on circuit boards, memory chips and other such components, and heat will virtually "bake" it. If you must leave it in a vehicle, keep the camera covered in a light-colored towel and put it on the floor under the seat.

  • Keep lens clean for clear, sharp pictures.

  • To prevent condensation, try to keep the camera warm at all times. Outside keep it tucked under your coat where the heat of your body will supply some warmth.

  • If you end up with a wet camera and foggy lens, put the camera in a plastic bag when you go inside. The condensation appears on the surface of the bag, instead of the camera. If you dont have a bag, wrap the camera inside your coat. The coat acts like insulation, buffering the temperature differential and letting the camera warm up slowly.
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