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Find Photos and Share on Flickr

Ag Communication wants to build a photo library that we (Ag Comm and fellow colleagues) can use for future educational materials.
Ag Communication has chosen Flickr as an online location for such a library. The way this will work is that the photos will be yours that you upload to your personal account. With the magic of search and also the use of the “NDSU Ag Communication” Group, we will be able to bring our photos together in a centralized place.

Get Connected

Go to:
Click on Sign In or Sign Up if you need an account. You will need a Yahoo account to sign in. As of July 2014, Google and Facebook logins were no longer being accepted.

Using Flickr

Flickr has some great built-in step-by-step instructions when you log in for the first time.

Uploading Photos

  1. Sign In
  2. Click on “Upload” from top menu or Click on “Upload Photos & Videos” from the home page
  3. Click on “Choose photos and videos”
  4. Select photos from your computer. (Flickr has a 15MB limit to file size per photo)
  5. Specify whether you want the photo viewable to the public, friends or family. Select “public” if you want to add the photo to our AgComm Group later.
  6. Click Upload
  7. When uploaded, be sure to click on “add a description”

Descriptions and Tags

  1. Under the “Describe this Upload” page, add your description in the “Description” field. Describe the content of the image but also be sure to add your information for credit purposes. Example: (David Haasser, NDSU).
  2. In the “Tags” field, type in words that will help the search engine find your photo. If you need to combine two words as one tag, put quotes around them (example: “ear tag”).
  3. We recommend that you put “NDSU” as one of your tags so when we search for “ear tag” we can add “NDSU” to our search (NDSU ear tag) and we will find all the NDSU photos we have available under the topic of ear tags.
  4. Click on the SAVE at the bottom when you have finished. This will take you to your Photostream.

Descriptions and Tags also can be done under the Organize & Create menu. This allows you to blanket a large group of photos with similar descriptions or tags.


Please use Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons. There are two ways to accomplish this.

  1. Going to each individual photo
    Clicking on an individual photo will take you to a new page that is all about that photo. The column to the right of the photo will tell you when the photo was taken and what kind of camera took the photo. You also will be able to edit Tags and Owner settings.
    Under Owner settings, you can click on the (edit) beside the Creative Commons setting, which will take you to a window where you can select from several different Creative Commons.
  2. Organize & Create – click on the third button from the left at the top of the Flickr page to go to the “Batch Organize” page.
    – Select photos from the bottom and drag them into the batch area.
    – Click on the “Permissions” drop down and select change licensing.
    – Select the Creative Commons designation. This will set all the photos you have in the batch window to the same licensing.

Organize & Create

This feature allows you to batch groups of photos together based on content and also helps streamline processes like adding tags and licensing.
Sets – This feature can help clean up your Photostream

  1. Go to “Organize & Create”.
  2. Go to “Sets” tab.
  3. Select the photos you want to batch together and drag them to the batch field.
  4. Add a Set title in the window.
  5. Click to Save.
  6. Click on the “create a new set” if you are ready to make a new Set.

Map the Photo

This feature will be helpful for people that are looking for a specific photo taken in a specific area, for an example: I have flood photos of Fargo and wouldn’t want to use those on a publication for Minot flooding.

  1. Click on “Add this photo to your map!”
  2. Select the spot on the map.

Join the NDSU Ag Communication Group

  1. From the Home page go to “Groups” drop down menu and select “Search for a Group”.
  2. Type in “NDSU Ag Communication” in the search window.
  3. Click on “Join?” to become a member.
  4. The administrator of the group will get an email from your account requesting permission to join the NDSU Ag Communication group. Once you have permission NDSU Ag Communication will show up as one of the groups you have joined on your main photostream.

Submitting photos to the group

  1. 1. After NDSU Ag Comm has accepted you as a member of the group, go to the NDSU Ag Communication group.
  2. Click on “Add photos”
  3. Select the photos – and click on “ADD TO GROUP”

Contact: David Haasser, (701) 231-8620,

Creative Commons License
Feel free to use and share this content, but please do so under the conditions of our Creative Commons license and our Rules for Use. Thanks.