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Where to Put Files?

There are many ways you can organize the files in an Ag CMS website. There’s really no right or wrong way, and certainly not THE ONE way. But there are some recommendations to share in a couple of areas.

Every Ag CMS website, when it’s first requested at least, has some standard folders in it that should be put to good use: Events, Images, and Documents.

In the How Do I Enter an Event? lesson, it was recommended that you place all event files in the Event folder. There are a number of technical reasons for that and it is HIGHLY encouraged. Putting events in the Event folder allows for them to be displayed in portlets and accessed by other databases in the system. This might actually be the one place where there is a RIGHT way to do it.

Image files (e.g., JPG, GIF, and PNG files) and document files (e.g., PDF and Word files) are also recommended to be stored in a particular folders, the Images folder and the Documents folder, respectively. This is much more of a convenience recommendation than a technical one. It is possible for images or documents to be uploaded and used from nearly any location in your website. However it is also possible to lose these files in a folder somewhere you can’t remember, and difficult to find when you’d like to use it again. For this reason, it’s recommended that ALL images are uploaded to the Images folder and ALL documents are uploaded to the Documents folder first before being inserted into your page, link or website. It will save you time and gray hairs in the long run.

P.S. Rules are meant to be broken. If you’ve got a good reason to put files elsewhere, please do. Just think a bit whether they will be used again, whether you’d want them to update everywhere across the entire site, or where you would look for them in the future. A moments thought could save you a bit of trouble down the road.

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