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Use Anchors in Ag CMS

Anchors place links on a page which when clicked, bring the reader directly to the location they clicked on, rather than having to scroll. Anchor examples are seen on  Extension County Offices page and Wikipedia.   

In the following example, we’ll anchor the Table of Contents at the top of the page to their corresponding headings in the body text.


To start, login to Ag CMS and go to the item type you want to add anchors to and choose “edit”.

Scroll down and click in the Body Text field/visual editor to find the text you want to “anchor”.

Tip: an easy way to find text on a long page or document is to use your Ctrl key (lower left on your keyboard) and “f” key (“f” for find) at the same time. In the example below, I’m going to do  Ctrl + f and search for “Development of the Reclamation Plan” that is further down in the document. Your cursor will then immediately be in the correct position to add an anchor.

Select the text and then click the anchor button above the Body Text field, name the anchor (no spaces between words) and click “OK”. If you see an anchor with a yellow box next to the text, you know you’ve added an anchor. The public will not see this, only you as an editor will.


Go back to the Table of Contents at the top of your page and select the text you want to link to.

From the tabs at the top, choose “Anchor”, the anchor name you want to link to and click “OK”.

 anchor 3.PNG

Finish linking all the anchors and click “Save” at the bottom of your page. It’s a good idea to test out the anchors to make sure they’re going to the correct spot on the page.

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