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Quick Upload Portlet

The Quick Upload Portlet allows you to upload multiple items at once, saving you time when you need to add many items to your site.

There’s a new feature in Ag CMS that allows you to upload multiple files/images or "items" at one time, saving you time uploading them one by one. This will be helpful in those situations where you had an event and now want to include the event photos on your site. Or maybe you have numerous reports that are ready to be published (think Variety Trials).  

It's easy to use. First, you'll set up the portlet. Second, you'll upload your items.

Step One: Add the Quick Upload Portlet

First, decide if you want this feature to be available across your site, or only in certain areas. Think of where this feature would be handy. Maybe some of your pages are static and aren't updated much - so you would not use this feature there if you didn't anticipate adding items like files or photos. But maybe you have an events page that displays photos of upcoming and past activities- this would be a good place to use this portlet, where you can upload many photos at once.

Once you determine where the portlet will be used/placed, it's a good idea to put it on the folder-level in the Contents tab. For instance, if you have many PDFs to upload, you can place them in the "documents" folder. Make sure the folder is marked “exclude from navigation” from the settings tab, otherwise your items will end up in the left navigation. You can always create a new folder if you need to and place the portlet at that level. Just make sure it’s marked “exclude from navigation”.

Go to the location you’ve identified and proceed to adding the portlet. If you don't know how to do so, here's how to add a portlet to your site.

In the example below, I want to place my portlet on the Images folder, which is in the Contents tab:

contents folder




On the first screen, there's no need to add or change anything on this first screen. Just click/tap “Save”.

Save portlet



You’ll see the portlet has been added. Click/Tap “Return” to continue.

portlet added




You will be able to see the Quick Upload Portlet with a red “Browse” button. Note: only you as a site editor can see this – the public will not.

portlet loca

Step Two: Add your Items

Click/Tap the red “Browse” button. Find the images or files you want to upload and you can either drag and drop them into the portlet, or you can click/tap the ones you want to add.

Next, click/tap “Upload Files”.

Upload files

Your images/files will be uploaded to your site.

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