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What is a Static Text Portlet?

The Static Text Portlet allows you to enter content just as you would on a normal Page object. This is useful for adding hyperlink to different sites or any information that will not change. There are at least three ways Static Text Portlets can be useful on your site.

Provide Complimentary Information

In the example below, portlets on the right side of the screen compliment information on the main page as additional resources.




Manage Information Overload

In the example below, NDSU Extension Service numerous resources in the left navigation. Programming is also a large chunk but to help it programming stand out amidst all the other links in the left navigation, the 13 program areas each have a link to their page. People will get to the program page quicker since the links stand outside of the heavy navigation.




Visuals help draw attention

Look at the examples on the right side below; each has a visual element that helps draw attention to the content. In the top example, there's the eXtension link and logo. In the middle example is a screenshot of videos that are available. In the bottom example, is an image of the first page of the newsletter. When you click on it, you're brought to the entire version that's hosted online.


Now that you know what this type of Portal can do, build a Static Text Portlet.

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