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Item Type: Page

The Page item type is probably the most common item type used in Ag CMS. It is used for rich text content (content that may contain formatted text, images, and hyperlinks). It's like a blank sheet of paper.

You should use a Page for your default choice in Ag CMS. The other choices for rich text content would be an Article or a News Item. Unless you have attached files or a list of links (Article) or want the title to show up in the news feed portlet (News Item), you should be using the Page item type.

Use It For

  • Creating basic (or not so basic) web pages.
  • Creating pages that will later be used in a collection.
  • Just about everything.

Best Practices

  • If you are copying text from another location, paste it into the Body Text area and immediately save the page. Then click on the edit tab and make your changes. Funny things happen if you paste, edit, and then save. (That's a technical term - "funny things.")

Select Item Type: Page

Add a Page in Ag CMS

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 add a page in ag cms


page example in ag cms

Note this example page has rich text items like links, formatting and images. You can also insert imbed codes for video and widgets.

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