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Item Type: Multipage Article

The Multipage Article item type is meant for a collection of articles all related to one topic. It essentially acts as a folder that you place multiple articles into. In addition, it offers a way to create a Table of Contents that allows you to jump directly to any article in the group.

Use It For

  • Newsletters - The edition is the Mulitpage Article and each story is it's own Article within it
  • Packets - The Multipage Articles serves as the portolio folder and the individual Articles are the fact sheets, forms, or other information that gets tucked inside
  • Long Articles - If you have a really long Article, you may want to consider splitting it up and publishing it as a Multipage Article

Best Practices

  • Attach files/images/links to the appropriate individual Article
  • If possible, keep individual Articles approximately the same length. Huge differences can be jarring for the reader. (But some can't be helped.)
  • Leaving the Table of Contents dropdown box visible on all the page to make it easy for viewers to find specific information.



Navigate to the home page (or other location) where you want the Multipage Article to appear.


Give it a Title


Notice the two checkboxes at the bottom. "Display table of contents in dropdown list" is selected by default. That dropdown list will appear on every page in the Multipage Article folder unless you uncheck it. It's probably a good idea to leave it checked. Makes it easy for users to get around.

If you select "View table of contents first," users will see a listing of the Articles contained in the Mulitpage Article folder. If you leave it unchecked, they will see the first Article displayed.


Create Your First Article


Articles are the only item type that can be added to a Multipage Article.


Edit the Article


This is just like any other Article. If you want more information, check out the Item Type: Article link in the Ag CMS How-To Guide.


Add Resources to the Article


You can add images/files/links to this Article if appropriate.


Go to the Table of Contents


Go to the Table of Contents dropdown box and choose "Table of Contents".


Create a Second Article


The Table of Contents screen appears a lot like a Folder screen. Just continue to add as many Articles as you need. Just remember to return to the Table of Contents screen each time before you do.



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