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Item Type: Article

The Article item type is used as an alternative to the Page item when there are files, images, or links that you wish to attach to the information. And while you can include links to those items using either a Page, a News Item, or an Article, only the Article type allows you to manage those resources from the Article screen and put them in a separate box underneath the information.

Use It For

  • Information that has resources, such as documents or images, associated with it

Best Practices

  • If you refer to a resource in the text, be sure and also list it in the resouces box.
  • You can use the box for resources not mentioned in the text.


add new article in ag cms

Add a title and any other information in the visual editor then Save.

add article title in ag cms
Click on the blue links to add a file, image or link:

add items to article in ag cms

You'll be prompted to either add an existing file, image or link, or upload news ones:

upload or insert item


Give your Item a Title and Description (note the Description looks like a caption). Locate your file, and click OK to Save each Item. When you're done, click/tap OK to save.

Here's what the Article looks like:

article in ag cms

You can add as many files/images/links as you want. You can edit them or add more right from the View tab.
Note: only you as editor will see the links above the Article to manage Images, files and Links.

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