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How Do I Set a Homepage for a Folder?

The default view of a folder is a list of items in the folder. You can create a "homepage" and set it as the folder view.

Login and Go To the Folder You Want to Change


A folder in default view.


You're in the right place when you see title of the folder at the top and a list of folder contents below it.

If you need help getting to this point, see the How Do I Login? lesson.

Before you can set a homepage for the folder, you must create a page, article or other content item to set as the default view of the folder. If you need help, see the How Do I Add a New Page? lesson.

Display Button

The Display button is located at the top right of the page near Add new button.

To change the view of the folder, start by clicking the Display button at the top-right of the page, to the left of the Add New button.

Display Options

The Display button lists the display options for the folder.

There are a number of display options for a folder.

  • The default folder view is Standard View, which lists the title of each item.
  • Summary View lists the title and description (if available) of the contents of the folder. It will also display a thumbnail of the first image included in the item.
  • Thumbnail View displays the title and a thumbnail icon for each item in the folder. For images, the thumbnail is a small version of that image. For other content items the thumbnail is the icon for that item type.
  • Blog View displays the title, description and full body text of all items in the folder.
  • Select a content item as a default view allows to to select a page or other content item as the "homepage"/default view of your folder.

Select Content Item as Default View

Click Select content item as default view.


Click "Select a content item as default view" to set a page or other content item as the homepage for the folder.

Choose Your Content Item

Choose the content item you want to use as a homepage and save.


Select the item you want to use as the folder's homepage by clicking the button to the left of that item. Then click "Save".

The content item you selected should no longer appear in your left-side navigation. When you click on the folder in the navigation, you should now see the content item you selected as a homepage instead of a list of items in the folder.

That's it.

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