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How Do I Enter an Event?

Events - such as meetings, workshops, or fairs - should be entered into Ag CMS using the following steps. This allows the information to show up on a calendar or an event portlet and adds the ability for users to download the event directly to their calendars.

Login to Your Site


If you need help, refer to the How Do I Login? information in the Ag CMS How-To Guide.

Navigate to the Events Folder


Most sites already have an Events folder, whether it be public or private. It is highly recommended that ALL events go into this folder so that Ag CMS can use the information properly. If you need to add an Events folder, see the instructions in the How Do I Create a Folder? lesson.

Select Add New Event


From the "Add new..." drop down list, select "Event".

Enter the Event Information

  1. Enter the Event Title (required).
  2. Description is not required, but it's a good idea because it will appear on your list of events and help with search results. A short, description phrase will suffice.
  3. Event Location is optional here. But be sure to add it in the Visual Editor in the next step so it displays on your page.
  4. Event Starts and Ends dates (required): note that when the event is done, it will automatically "fall off" your Calendar and Events portals - you won't have to manually expire these.


5. The Event Body Text is where you should enter all the details for your event. The description, the agenda, speaker info, and registration procedure should all go in this area.


6. Attendees- skip this field. We do not have the functionality for this.

7. Event URL - if the event has it's own web site enter the URL (web address) here.

8. Lastly, it asks for information for a contact person for the event. The Contact Name, Contact E-mail, and Contact Phone is NOT for the speaker. It should be the person in charge of the registration or the one coordinating the event. This person's information will be displayed on the event page and therefore may be asked to answer questions or help with registration.

When you're done, don't forget to save your work!

Your Event is Now In Ag CMS


Once you save, you will see a page similar to this. Notice how some of the information you entered appears in an information box.


To have your event appear to the public on your website, you need to publish it. Just select "Publish" from the drop down list as shown. When you do, your event will now show up on the Calendar Portlet or Upcoming Events Portlet.

All Done!


If you click on the main Events link on the left-hand navigation, you will be taken to the main Events page. Your event should show up there, but it could be at the bottom of the list. It should also be available from the Calendar Portlet. To truly see what it looks like for visitors to your site, you should either logout or use another browser to view the Events page.

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