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How Do I Add a Portlet to Display News?

Portlets are the little boxes you see on Ag CMS pages. They can be used to display a variety of types of information. This lesson focuses on how to create a portlet that displays News Items automatically.

Before You Begin

To display news items in this portlet, those news items need to have been entered using the "News Item" type. See the lesson on Item Type: News Item for more information.

And you should already have a folder called "News" created before you begin. This is usually a default folder that is part of every Ag CMS website. If not, see the lesson on How Do I Create a Folder?

Go To The News Folder


Make sure that you have some news items in the news folder. They must be the News Item type for them to work in this portlet.

Go To The Home Folder


Whatever the appearance of your home page (i.e., Folder, Page, etc.) you'll want to start here. That way your portlet can appear on every page in your website.

Manage Portlets

Click the Manage Portlet link

Click on the "Manage Portlets" link on the left hand side. (Even if you want your portlet to appear on the right.)

Add News Portlet


On the right-hand side, click on the "Add Portlet" dropdown list and select "News".

Select What You Want to Appear in The Portlet


Your choice on how many items to display. Five is the default, three to five are recommended.

The default for the Workflow state is Published and unless you've got a good reason to change it, just leave it selected. And of course, click the Save button.

Portlet is Now Created


You should now see a portlet placeholder box in the right-hand column.

The Portlet is Now Live


The portlet box should now appear with the information you specified.

News Items will automatically drop off the displayed list as they move into the past. It will be the most recent items displayed.

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