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Ag CMS How-To Guide

Look here for step-by-step guides on how to do tasks within Ag CMS.

Common Tasks

These are the most common tasks done in Ag CMS (in no particular order).

  1. How Do I Get Started With Ag CMS?
  2. How Do I Login?
  3. I Forgot My Password
  4. How Do I Create a Folder?
  5. How Do I Add a New Page?
  6. How Do I Copy Content from Microsoft Word into Ag CMS?
  7. How Do I Edit My Page?
  8. How Do I Insert an Image on My Page?
  9. How Do I Insert a YouTube Video or Playlist on My Page?
  10. How Do I Delete an Image?
  11. How Do I Edit an Image?
  12. How Do I Add a File (Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint  or PDF)?
  13. How Do I Link to an Email Address?
  14. How Do I Link to Another Website?
  15. How Do I Link to Another Page in My Website?
  16. How Do I Move a File?
  17. How Do I Reorder the Items in the Navigation?
  18. How Do I Make Something Disappear From the Left-Hand Navigation?
  19. How Do I Enter an Event?
  20. How Do I Set a Homepage for a Folder?
  21. How Do I Replace One File With Another
  22. How Do I Use Anchors When I Have a lot of Content on My Page?

Item Types

When you add new information to your website, you have a choice of what type of "item type" is best suited to your needs. Here's a rundown of the available choices including why you would choose one rather than another and what they look like.

  1. Item Type: File
  2. Item Type: Image
  3. Item Type: Link
  4. Item Type: Event
  5. Item Type: Folder
  6. Item Type: Page
  7. Item Type: Article
  8. Item Type: Multipage Article
  9. Item Type: News Item
  10. Item Type: Collection
  11. Item Type: Form


Portlets are the "widgets" you find on the right and left side of your screen and sometime above and below the content of the main content area. There are quite a few Portlets you can use on your site. Some of the most used Portlets are described in the following lessons.

How to add, remove, and rearrange Portlets

How Do I Add a Portlet to Display Text or an Image?

How Do I Add a Portlet to the Left Side of My Ag CMS Site?

Types of Portlets

  1. Navigation Portlet
  2. What is a Static Text Portlet?
  3. How Do I Create a Static Text Portlet?
  4. Events Portlet
  5. News Portlet
  6. Feed Mixer Portlet
  7. Facebook Like Box Portlet
  8. Slideshow Portlet
  9. Quick Upload Portlet

Big Picture

These are some of the more foundational considerations for your website. They have to do with more than one page, more than one area. They are things you should think about or be aware of before you begin working on, or making major changes to, your website.

  1. Your Home Page
  2. Left-Hand Navigation
  3. Where to Put Files?
  4. Who's Your Website For?
  5. How Do I Choose Between a Page, an Article, or a News Item?
  6. Don't Delete
  7. How to Revert to a Previous Version
  8. The Importance of Headings
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