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Text Says You Have Voicemail. SCAM!

text to voicemailI received a text the other day that I had 2 new voicemails. This was very fishy for several reasons. Look at the screenshot.

1. I don't recognize the phone number. I don't know what area code it's from, but I know I do not know anyone from that area code. It's best to not answer any calls, emails or text from a contact you do not know. If it's important, they would leave a message.How many phone calls have you ignored because you didn't recognize the phone caller? Did they end up leaving a message? Probably not.

2. Why would I get a text informing me I have not one, but two voicemails? I've had this phone for more than a year and I have never been notified by text that I had a voicemail awaiting me.Have you ever received a text like this?

3. My phone did not ring, nor were there any new voicemails  so that was clearly a red flag trying to linkbait me.

4. The link looks like it's going to some sort of Craigslist thing. But with the three previous points I mentioned, there's no way I was going to click on that link. Never click on a link you don't recognize, weren't expecting, or don't know the sender.

For more ways to be safe with technology, visit NDSU's anti-Phishing campaign.

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