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Template Tips

Tips for working with the NDSU Extension Branded Templates in Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher.

Replacing Photos in Publisher

  • Right mouse click on the current photo
  • Select “Change Picture” – and then “Change Picture...” again
  • Select “from file”
  • Select new photo
  • Once you have the new photo you can adjust the image if it cropped something that you really wanted to focus on – do this by selecting the “Crop” button under the “PICTURE TOOLS”-“FORMAT”

Replacing Photos in PowerPoint

PowerPoint does not automatically fit the photo inside the current photo dimensions. You will need to manually insert your new photo. I recommend using these steps to do that:

  • Select “INSERT” from the top menu
  • Click on “Pictures” button
  • Find the photo on your computer
  • Click “Insert”
  • Adjust the size of your photo so that your new photo covers the photo that came with the template. (PowerPoint will allow you to “snap to” the alignment of the photo that is below as you adjust the size.)
  • Crop the sides of the new photo (or top and bottom depending on the layout of your photo) to the one below.
  • Select FORMAT under the PICTURE TOOLS
  • Select Crop
  • Drag the toggles until they line up with the photo beneath your new photo
  • Click on the Crop button again to finish the crop
  • Send the new photo to the back by clicking on the “Send Backward” drop down arrow
  • Delete the photo that came with the template (this will help keep the file size down)

Adding Your Content into the Template:

  • Type your new content in the provided text boxes
  • If you Copy and Paste content into the text boxes, these are things to watch for:
    • Make sure the font is Arial
    • Make sure paragraph Line Spacing is still “Single”

Replacing the Default County Logo with your County Logo

  • Download your County Logo from
    • Click on your County
    • Click on the file that ends with .wmf (this file format is a vector image that can be resized without losing any quality once it is inserted into Microsoft programs like Word, PowerPoint and Publisher – it also has a transparent background)(you will have the choice of a black or a Pantone 343 green logo)
    • Clicking on this file does not “open” the file, it downloads it to your “Downloads” folder on your computer.
      • Do not try to “open” or double click on the WMF file – Yes, this will open the file and in the viewer you will be able to copy and paste this image but it will be a low quality image that will not work properly.
  • In Windows Explorer, move the downloaded file to where you will be working with it
  • Replacing logo in PowerPoint
    • Right mouse click on the county logo in the template and select “Change Picture”
    • Select “From a file”
    • Select the file you downloaded earlier (your County Logo) and click the “Insert” button
    • Replacing logo in Publisher
      • Right mouse click on the county logo in the template and select “Change Picture”
      • Select “Change Picture” from the drop down menu
      • Select “From a file”
      • Select the file you downloaded earlier (your County Logo) and click the “Insert” button

How to use the ARROWs

  • In Publisher
    • Download and insert the WMF file that we have provided on this website (it will be a white arrow)
    • Set “Wrap Text” to “None”
    • Click on “Picture Styles” (little arrow below the list “Picture Border, Picture Effects and Caption”) – this will open the “Format Picture” dialog box
    • Click on the “Picture” tab
    • Set Transparency to 85%
    • In PowerPoint
      • I have created a “Shape” that can be copied and pasted from one PowerPoint file to another PowerPoint file while still maintaining all aspects of the original shape.




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