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Your Longer Brand Story


Last month, we asked you to think about what your 30-second speech that summarizes you job would be if you met Gov. Dalrymple in an elevator.Now let’s think about what you would say if you had more time to talk about what you do and promote your organization.

To do that, let’s equate your speech (which you should write down and memorize) to your hand.

Let’s start with the thumb. Think of it as the start of your “thumbs up” speech. This is your chance to introduce your organization and how it empowers you to improve lives.

Next we have the index finger, which symbolizes solutions to problems. Give a couple of quick facts to build context for the organization.

Then we have the middle finger, which is the tallest finger. This is your chance to talk about four or five things your organization does really well. (Remember, you don’t have all day.)

Many people wear rings on their fourth finger, so let’s think of this finger as the “going for the gold” part of your speech. Here is where you talk about what you do, your position and how you are helping  build a better future.

Your little finger indicates that your organization is accessible to all and helps find solutions to large and small problems. Then ask if you have answered the person’s question or if the person would like to know more about something.

As you give your mini presentation, speak with passion about the organization and what you do!

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