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Write the Right Word: Regard

The word “regard” seems to give writers and speakers a lot of trouble.

If you are using it in a phrase such as “in regard to” to mean “about,” “concerning” or “on the subject of,” you don’t need to add an “s” to “regard.” For example, “This email is in regard to your questions on tree planting.” or “The shopkeeper called in regard to your order.”

The same applies to “with regard to,” which is another way of saying “in regard to.” You don’t need the “s” on “regard.” For example, “With regard to our recent snow storm, most of the snow has melted.”

Better yet, avoid the phrase. Instead, you could say:

“I’m responding to your question on tree planting.”

“The shopkeeper called about your order.”

“Most of the snow from our recent storm has melted.”

However, you do need an “s” on “regard” if you are talking about good wishes, compliments or greetings. For example, “Give my regards to your parents.”

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