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Write the Right Word: Omitted Numbers

If you are writing in a more informal style, you can drop parts of dates as long as you are clear that you are talking about a year.

For example, you could call this year’s high school grads the class of ’15. Or you might refer to an entire decade: “Some call the ’50s the golden age of television.” The apostrophe replaces the 20 in 2015 and the 19 in 1950s.

You don’t need an apostrophe between the number and the “s” because you are not omitting anything. You also don’t need an apostrophe before numbers such as temperatures because you are not leaving out any figures. For example: “The temperature is expected to reach the upper 80s today.”

With some fonts, the apostrophe faces the wrong way, to the right, the first time you type it. So just hit the apostrophe key twice and delete the first one.

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