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Write the Right Word: More Sound-alikes

Don’t get tripped up by words that sound alike but don’t mean the same thing.

“Affect” and “effect” and “accept” and “except” are two prime examples.

“Effect,” as a verb, means to accomplish or cause something. “She will effect many changes during her term as 4-H club president.” As a verb, “affect” means to influence something or someone. “The weather affects producers’ planting decisions.”

“Effect,” as a noun, means result. “The cool, dry weather had an effect on forage production.” Avoid “affect” as a noun. It refers to an emotional state and rarely is used outside of psychological circles.

“Accept” means to receive something willingly. “I accepted his explanation for being late again.” “Except” indicates inclusion. “I can attend every meeting except the one this week.”

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