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Write the Right Word: Me and I

Despite what you may have learned in school, “I” is not always the right personal pronoun.

The confusion creeps in when referring to you and another person.

Grammar rules are filled with terms such as subjective pronouns and objective pronouns to help explain when to use “I” or “me.” Rules are fine if you can remember them, but the easiest way to know which word to use when referring to you and another person is to use the same personal pronoun you would use if just referring to you.

For example: “He and I will start harvesting sugar beets this weekend.” (If you were harvesting alone, you would say: “I will start harvesting sugar beets this weekend.”)

Or this: “The cat followed Cathy and me through the door.” (If the cat only followed you, you wouldn’t say “The cat followed I through the door.” You would say: “The cat followed me to the door.”)

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