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Write the Right Word: Email

Just when most of us finally have started putting a hyphen after the “e” in email, the Associated Press has changed the way the word should be written.

The AP recently dropped the hyphen, so the word is “email.”

Why should we care what the AP does? The reason is that Ag Comm follows the rules in “The Associated Press Stylebook” when writing or editing news releases. We also follow those rules when we edit publications, newsletters and other educational materials.

The stylebook is not just for newspapers anymore. It has evolved into a dictionary, encyclopedia and textbook for anyone who cares about good writing.

However, the AP apparently hasn’t evolved to the point that it is eliminating the hyphen in other words starting with “e” when the “e” stands for “electronic.” For instance, you’d still say e-business, e-commerce and e-book.

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