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Write the Right Word: Common Misspellings

English is an odd language at times. Words aren’t always spelled the way they sound. Some have double letters and others do not.

Here are some commonly misspelled words:

Acknowledgment – note no “e” after the “g”

Accommodate – two “c’s,” two “m’s”

Adviser – not advisor

Barbecue – not barbeque, Bar-B-Q or BBQ

Canceled – not cancelled

Commitment – only one “t”

Doughnut – not donut

Embarrass – two “r’s” and two “s’s”

Gauge – not gage when referring to a measuring device or the size of a shotgun

Goodbye – not goodby or good-by

Harass – one “r,” two “s’s”

Occurred – two “c’s,” two “r’s”

Stationery – when you mean writing paper and envelopes

I don't know of an easy way to remember these. Your best options are to memorize them or look them up in a dictionary or online.

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