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Write the Right Word: Bullets or Numbers?

If you are providing several pieces of advice, describing multiple but related items or announcing award winners, turn the advice, items or award winners into a list to make them easier for your readers to grasp.

Separating them into lists makes each one stand out. If you cram all that information into one paragraph, the readers’ eyes likely will skip over parts of it.

However, use bullets to indicate each item, not numbers. The only time you would use numbers is when you provide step-by-step instructions that must be followed in the order given.

Here are a couple of examples:

Everyone working around cattle needs to be vigilant about safety. Here are some things to consider if you handle cattle:

  • Cattle that have interacted with humans, such as through daily feeding, are more tolerant of people and let people get closer to them.
  • Cattle have huge eyes that are positioned on the sides of their head. They can see a lot but have poor depth perception unless you are standing directly in front of their nose.
  • Cattle can hurt you when they feel crowded. Kicking is one of their favorite defense mechanisms. Others include bunting and running over you.

The North Dakota 4-H Foundation has awarded scholarships to 4-H members.

The scholarships and recipients are:

  • Eleanor R. Schultz Memorial Scholarship ($300) - Hannah Nordby, Slope County
  • Jerome Striegel Memorial Scholarship ($150) - Abby Zikmund, Walsh County
  • Rosevold Memorial Scholarship ($400) - Cassie Podliska, Richland County
  • Farm & Ranch Guide ($500) - Joanna Larson, Eddy County


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