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Write the Right Word: 4-H’er

If you’re looking for a shorter version of 4-H member, it’s 4-H’er.

Remember to put the apostrophe between the “H” and “er.” You need the apostrophe because it is replacing something – the “memb” in “member.”

For example: “Bill Smith has been a 4-H’er for 10 years.”

If you are referring to more than one 4-H’er, simply add an “s.” Don’t use an apostrophe before or after the “s.” For example: “Five 4-H’ers volunteered to rake leaves at the senior citizens center.”

While on the subject of 4-H, it’s one of the few exceptions to the rule that warns writers not to start sentences with a number. For instance: “4-H is the largest and only research-based youth organization in North Dakota.”

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