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Use Notifications to Respond to Facebook Comments and Messages

You’ve set up a Facebook Page and have been posting away, gaining Likes along the way. “Likes” are one thing, but they don’t necessarily mean engagement. When someone takes the time to “Comment” on your Post or directly “Message” you, Facebook sees this as engagement and will get you in their News Feed more prominently.  

What happens when someone posts on your Page or directly messages you? It’s important to respond as soon as you can, as
83% of Facebook users expect a response within a day. This sends out the message that you care about what you are posting about and what people’s reactions are. You care about the community you’ve built. If it takes awhile to respond or you don’t respond at all, trust is loss.

To be sure you’re not missing an opportunity to engage with your followers, make sure you have your “Notifications” set up. You can modify your notifications by either logging into Facebook or having them sent to your email. No matter which notification method you choose, you should check them at least once a day and respond if necessary.

Getting Notifications Through Facebook

When you log into Facebook, you will clearly see any notifications or messages that have been sent to you. They will be called out in red in two spots - in the notifications tab above your cover photo and in the globe icon in the upper right. You can choose to get notifications as they come in, or two to 4 times a day. In the example below there are two notifications. This is the same with messages. Some people prefer to use (direct) messages when they want to ask you something privately vs. putting it out on your public Page.


Getting Notifications Through Email

If you don’t log on to Facebook every day and are more easily accessible by email, you can get notifications and message that way instead of through Facebook. But be sure to check the email you use to sign in to Facebook, not necessarily your work email.

A Note About Pages with More than One Admin

If there’s more than one Facebook Admin on your Page, all of you would get the notification. If another Admin replied to the comment or message, you would also see that so there’s no need to worry about duplication.

Other Notifications

Many Notification types are available, as you can see below. You can choose which ones you want to be notified of.


Here’s an example of when you have all Notifications turned on. In this case, Shares, Page Likes, Photo Likes and Photo Comments display.

Notifications_002 pixelated.png

It’s important to stay part of the conversation on your Page and interact with your customers when they ask questions. This is what Facebook engagement is all about. Using notifications will ensure you’re not missing out. For more information about Facebook Notifications, see their Help Center or contact me.

Sonja Fuchs, Web Technology Specialist, (701) 231-6403.

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