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Use an Editorial Calendar to Plan Your Content

With all the information available and delivered to us everyday, consistent, high-quality content is at a premium. People are hungry for online content that is fresh, engaging and useful. To be sure that you are regularly providing content that meets those standards, an editorial calendar is a must.

An editorial calendar is a simple tool for planning what content you are going to create, when you are going to create it and how you are going to share it with others.

If you are working by yourself, an editorial calendar can keep you on your key messages, keep you from repeating yourself and help you plan and create content in advance of when it is needed.

If you are creating content as a team, an editorial calendar can keep your team from imploding. Being clear about who is responsible for what, when, is critical if you are going to attempt to create and share content as a team.

We are using an editorial calendar in Ag Comm Web Services to plan our blog posts and Facebook Page updates. Take a look at our editorial calendar in action.

If you want to use our template to create your own calendar that your team members can access via Google Drive (formerly Google Docs), go to our template, login to Google Drive/Docs, click "File" and "Make a copy." Share your copy with the members of your team to start using the calendar collaboratively.

If you you are working on your own or prefer to manage your calendar as an Excel file, you can download the template as an Microsoft Office 2007 Excel spreadsheet file.

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