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Tips for Recording Presentations

Need some help before recording that guest speaker your office invited? Or maybe folks are asking whether or not the upcoming workshop your county is hosting will be recorded? The following tips will help you record great videos.

  •  Before you start: Get permission from the speaker to record the presentation.
  •  Equipment: You will need a video camera, tripod, microphone (when possible) and headphones to monitor the audio.
  •  Room setup: Center the camera on the screen if there will be a PowerPoint slides. If there is no microphone or speaker system, try to be up close.
  •  Audio: A wireless microphone for the camera will work best. Two great options are available for checkout from Ag Comm – the AZDEN wireless microphone system and the Sennheiser wireless microphone system. If an external mic for the camera is not an option, and the room has a microphone and speakers, try to set up near one of the speakers. If no microphone is available but you are close enough to the presenter, the camera microphone may work in some situations, but you will want to do a test recording to check sound quality.
  •  Test recording: When you feel like you have everything ready, do a test recording of yourself or someone else walking around up front and talking as a presenter would. Then go back to the camera and listen through the headphones to determine if your setup needs to be altered.
  •  During the presentation: Zoom in and focus on the speaker during the introduction and at times when the speaker is talking about something not related to the PowerPoint slide. When the speaker is referring to PowerPoint slides, zoom in on the screen so it fills the video window and stay on it so the viewer doesn’t miss something. A good example can be found here.

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