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Rethinking PowerPoint Slides

Twice in the last month, I've been involved in discussions about how many PowerPoint slides to include in a program or how long a slide should be on the screen. My answer: it depends.

In "Beyond Bullet Points," Cliff Atkinson suggests a formula that includes one main idea per slide rather than per bullet and plenty of effective graphics. During the eXtension webinar when a University of Wyoming colleague shared these concepts, I had one of those "ah ha" moments. Why animate when I want each bullet to enter the slide so people don't jump ahead? Instead, I should simply put each major point on its own slide with a high-quality graphic to illustrate it. Since slides are so easy to make and free, there's no excuse for cutting down the number of slides anymore. Use each one to communicate a key or supporting message to your audience and make them anticipate the next one.

Learn more and get resources on the Beyond Bullet Points website. University of Wyoming colleague Stan Skrabut's slides sharing these ideas are on Slideshare.

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