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Phishing Emails Designed to Hijack your Email Account

Have you received an email that said your account has exceeded the set quotas and that you must click on the link to request more space? If you do this, your account information is recorded.

If you fall for this phishing scam, your emails start being forwarded to another email address. The captured credentials are used to hijack your email account to send spam emails that benefit the hijacker. The hijacker keeps your account open to prevent you from being able to use your account normally.

If Microsoft observes spam being sent via an email address, they will block that account from sending any emails at all.

Email ForwardingThe cure? Go to the Webmail link on the NDSU home page under Online Services and login. Go to the settings gear icon in the upper right, type "forward" in the search box and hit return. Left click on Forwarding. If your account has been hijacked, you'll see the hijacked address.

If your email is being forwarded to another address, you must stop the forwarding and  immediately change your email password. This stops the forwarding process and eventually prompts the hijacker to log back into the account. Since the hijacker doesn’t know the new password, your account can no longer be used.

After stopping forwarding and changing your password, you should be able to use your email account normally again. However, if sending and receiving is not working, Microsoft may have blocked your account. Call the NDSU Help Desk so the account can be checked.

NDSU will never send an email asking you to provide information about your email account. The phishing emails contain a link. If you mouse over that link, do not click on it. A small box will appear showing the address that is not NDSU related.

If you question an email you received, call the Help Desk or contact someone in your support group (ITS or Ag Comm Computer Services) before taking any action.

Blair Johnson, Desktop Support Specialist; NDSU Help Desk, 701-231-8685 Option 1


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