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Online Virus Tool Can Help You Stay Safe

Even when anti-virus software gives us the green light, opening unknown emails and attachments still can be risky. As many of us have learned (sometimes painfully), no single anti-virus solution will detect everything.

For situations like this, the Virus Total online scanner can be a huge help. It has the ability to scan both files and websites with 67 different anti-virus products. Utilizing this tool can significantly increase your chances of detecting malicious programs before you attempt to open unknown files or visit unknown websites. However, please note that this tool only detects viruses and does NOT remove them.

To use the tool, visit the Virus Total website, select the tab for the type of scan you need (file or website URL) and follow the directions.

Main screen of the Virus Total website

Once you've either uploaded the file or entered the website address in question, click on the Scan it! button to begin the process. Depending on whether anyone else has submitted that file or website recently, Virus Total may either notify you of the latest scan results or queue it for a new scan, which could take several minutes.

When finished, you will see a results page listing information including the analysis date and time, the detection ratio (number of detections vs. number of scanners used) and the filename or URL.  You also will receive a full list of every virus scanner used and what individual results were.

Displays number of detections, last scan date, etc...

While this tool is no guarantee that a file or website isn't infected, it significantly reduces the chances of you finding a nasty surprise.

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