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New and Revised Publications in the Distribution Center

Starting in this issue of Let's Communicate, titles are linked to the online publications.

FN1427 and FN14952 were first available as a web only publications and are now in print form. 

FN1427  Food Preservation Facts or Myths? by Julie Garden Robinson

Food preservation guidelines have changed through time. Test your knowledge of current food preservation recommendations by deciding if statements are facts or myths.

FN1492  Let’s Preserve Salsa by Julie Garden Robinson

This front-and-back publication provides safety tips and recipes for making salsa.

PP1557   Sunflower Rust by Andrew Friskop, Sam Markell, Tom Gulya, Scott Halley, Blaine Schatz, Joel Schaefer, Michael Wunsch, Scott Meyer, Hans Kandel, Maricelis Acevedo, Jim Venette and Robert Venette

Sunflower rust is a disease capable of causing yield loss in all sunflower production regions in the U.S. and Manitoba. This full-color eight-page publication provides photos to help identify rust in different stages of severity and explains the cause, signs and symptoms, disease cycle and management of the disease.

AS1564   Winter Management of the Beef Cow Herd by Vern Anderson, Breanne Ilse, John Dhuyetter, Charles Stoltenow, Dale Burr, Tim Schroeder and Tyler Ingebretson

Beef cows are capable of adapting to cold temperatures and maintaining condition if fed appropriately for the environmental conditions and provided protection. Physical environments and cattle management and nutrition are covered in this eight-page full-color publication.


FE552   Estate Planning in North Dakota: The Basics:  Gift and Estate Taxes by Michael Goodman Sadler, David Saxowsky, Debra Pankow and Bradley Myers

This publication is an informative introduction to  federal estate and gift taxes.

FE555 Estate Planning in North Dakota: The Basics:  Gifts, Life Insurance and Annuities by Debra Pankow, Michael Sadler, Bradley Myers and David Saxowsky

Properly planned gifts can help a property owner achieve his or her individual goals of transferring ownership to benefit donees while minimizing taxes and other consequences. This publication helps with that process.

R794   Grass Varieties for North Dakota by Kevin Sedivec, Dwight Tober, Wayne Duckwitz and John Hendrickson

This publication assists North Dakota producers and land managers select perennial grass species and varieties for rangeland and pasture seedling and conservation planting.

Multistate Publications

Marcia McMullen worked with a multistate Extension and research committee for small grain diseases to publish two publications.

PP1550   Identification and Management of Stem Rust on Wheat and Barley
This eight-page full-color publication provides pictures and tips on stem rust identification, detection, application and equipment needed to deal with outbreaks of stem rust.

PP1552   Wheat Disease Identification
This spiral-bound 22-page booklet discusses the diseases affecting heads, grain, leaves, stems and roots.

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