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More Organized Collaboration with Google Team Drives

Most of the collaboration and sharing happening on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive is file or folder based. Someone creates a folder or file, then they share it with specific people or create a shareable link.

This "file first" approach creates a file ownership challenge. The person who creates the folder or file is the owner, and if they leave NDSU things can get complicated. In OneDrive file ownership cannot be transferred, so when the file owner no longer has an account, collaborators may lose access to that file.In Google Drive, file ownership can be transferred, but it could be burdensome for an outgoing employee to transfer ownership of all their shared folders and files.

To get around the file ownership challenge, teams have created SharePoint sites in Office 365. Files shared in a SharePoint site belong to the site, not to an individual owner, so they can survive any one team member leaving the organization or team.

Google Team Drives

Now there is a similar solution in Google Drive. Team Drives allow you to create a team first, then share folders and files with them. As in SharePoint, the files belong to the Team Drive, not to any one team member. Team Drives also help with the organization of Google Drive folders and files. Team Drives appear in a distinct section of Google Drive.

To learn more about Team Drives, check out this helpful article in the GSuite Learning Center.

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