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Intro to Email List of the Month

NDUS listservWelcome to a new regular feature in Let’s Communicate. Many of us use the Listserv system provided by the N.D. University System to create email lists. Agriculture and Extension have many organizational email lists. To keep those internally, a document with the email lists overseen by administration is in the Ag Info Center.

The settings for Listservs have been:

  • open so that anyone can send a message to the list
  • moderated where someone has to approve a message before it goes through to the recipients
  • closed where only those on the list can send to it.

However, recently some of the open lists have been edited so that only emails can send to the lists, which eliminated the spam.

Please use the appropriate email lists to target your messages to reach the faculty and staff you need to reach. Yes, it’s easy to just send to all-ag, but that is a super list that combines the allext, all-exp and all-coa lists – more than 1,100 people across the state in a wide variety of positions. Does your message truly apply to all of them? If not, please review the list of email lists to select the most appropriate one(s) for your message.

 Becky Koch, Ag Communication Director, 701-231-7875

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