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Improving Your Website

Image: Wikimedia Commons Adams County Extension is currently without staff, I was asked to make some updates to their website. Besides just removing the name of the person who was listed, I took a minute to make some improvements. See The Before and After and see if you can use some of these to improve your website.

1. I replaced their logo since they still had an old one that said “Service.” If you don’t have a logo on your website or if you need the updated one, counties and RECs can get them on the Extension logos page. N.D. Agricultural Experiment Station and REC logos are on the NDAES logos page.

2. I kept the first paragraph since it does a good job of explaining what the county office does, but I added a note that currently there’s no staff to contact, but there are some alternatives. Have a call to action on each your pages, even if it is just for more information.

3. I replaced the location information that was in the middle of the page with the automated staff directory. Since the directory is managed by administration, it will always be up to date with the staff listing and location. If you don’t already have the directory on your website, you easily can add it using these instructions.

4. The website did a nice job of including some photos, which makes the page more appealing. Many studies show the importance of visuals when it comes to keeping someone’s online attention. People can relate to photos.

But since the office location information was formerly between the photos, I had to add a new one so there wasn’t a big space where the address information had been. I snooped around their site a bit and found some pictures on their 4-H page, so I added that to fill the void.

If you have trouble finding photos for your website, social media or marketing materials, check the free images listed on Ag Comm’s Photos and Illustrations page.

Want more information about how to improve your website? Attend Bob Bertsch’s presentation at Extension/REC Fall Conference. Contact either of us if you’d like help with improving your webpages.

Thumbs Up image from Wikimedia Commons

Sonja Fuchs, Web Technology Specialist, 701-241-6403

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