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Image Resizing No Longer Works in Ag CMS

A recent update to the Firefox web browser has affected a feature of the visual editor in our Ag Content Management System (Ag CMS).

The visual editor is the tool Ag CMS users use to create the "Body Text" of an Ag CMS item. It allows users to easily format text and insert images into their web content.Before the Firefox upgrade, Ag CMS users could click on an image in the visual editor to see "handles" at the corners of the image. They could resize the image by dragging any of the handles (see the image below).

Resizing an image with handles

Unfortunately, the resizing handles no longer appear in Firefox, and they have not appeared in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for some time.

Ag CMS users have a couple of options for dealing with this change. They can choose not to resize images and rely only on the preset image sizes provided in Ag CMS. The alternative is to make a change in their Firefox browser to restore the image handles capability. Here's how.

  1. In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button promising to be careful or accepting the risk.
  2. In the search box above the list, type or paste by_def and pause while the list is filtered. The three preferences that start with editor. used to be true and starting in Firefox 64, they are false.
  3. Double-click the editor.resizing.enabled_by_default, editor.inline_table_editing.enabled_by_default, and editor.positioning.enabled_by_default preferences to switch the values from false to true.

This "fix" works for now, but that could change. You may have to repeat the steps above when your Firefox browser is automatically updated.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bob Bertsch, Web Technology Specialist, 701-231-7381

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